Coco-Nat by architect Natalia Kokosalaki

Marina Vernicos and the organizing team of the non-profit organization CREAID invite you to the exhibition “Designer Lights” on Tuesday, April 5, at 19: 00-23: 00 in One Athens, Stratiotikou Syndesmou 20-24 (former building Doxiadis) in Kolonaki. The themes of the exhibition are the light creations of renowned architects, designers and artists of Greece and abroad, which can be found on the website of CREAID www.creaid.com.

The auction of the lights, which will be conducted solely electronically, will begin April 1, 2016 and will last until April 10. These unique lighting creations of all artists will be exhibited in One Athens from 5-10 of April. The proceeds of the auction will be allocated towards the creation of a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospital “Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou”.

CREAID is a non-profit organization created by Marina Vernicos with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creative and artistic initiatives. Inspired people of architecture, decoration and art were invited to participate in the second project of CREAID “Designer Lights,” after the successful completion of last year’s project “Tote Bags.”

The proceeds of the auction of the latter were used for the purchase and delivery of a mobile medical unit for the Greek Chapter of the organization “Medecins Du Monde” which took place in their November 2015.

Karella Marina Princess

“Beyond Light” by artist Princess Marina Karela.
ELIZA, the Foundation created by Marina Karella and her husband Prince Michael for abused children has inspired the artist to create the sculpture of a little girl.
The three dimensional object was a painting in the first place, this gave the artist the idea to make it into plaster and into a light.


”T.U.L.P” is a pendantlight designed by architects Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filoxenidou aka K&K Architects.
The Latin phrase ”Transit umbra, Lux permanet” is engraved on its surface. It means ”Shadow passes, Light remains” and it inspires optimism and positivity.The light has a triangular shape and is made out of a combination of mahogany plywood and engraved silvernickel sheets. Its dimensions are 37x35x12cm. Mahogany is for our childhood memories. The wood comes from one of the designers’ childhood closet that sometimes served as her secret hiding place. Silver Nickel (alpacca) is a soft, yet strong alloy of three metals, copper, nickel and zinc. It has the ability to maintain its brightness and thus it symbolizes the bright side of life, the sunny days ahead. Photo credits: Theodosis Georgiadis

“Split me open” by interior designer Marilyn Katsaris- Andreoulakis.
Table lamp in bronze 80cm x 29cm
More auction details on www. creaid.com


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