Eye on You is the first collection of my fine jewellery line.

The collection’s muse is the third eye. Exploring mythical themes and symbols the

pieces often feature an engraved eye, a way of offering the wearer protection in

keeping with Ancient Greek tradition. But while these motifs are grounded in the

past, the fine finishing and minimal styling give a modern feel.


Using a range of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, gold and silver there is an

obvious luxury of materials. Each piece is casual but also classic giving the wearer

the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere as they please, without over-thinking it.


Based in London I am a keen traveller collecting inspiring imagery from many

journeys, carefully developing them into everything I create and drawing inspiration

organically through nature, friends and family.

As a result, a story is told here of mythical power translated into bejewelled objects.

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