The downcoat for the winter, warm and light

To face the winter season with class and confidence, a beautiful downcoat is unmissable in our wardrobe.

Waterproof and windproof material, padding in goose down, attention I’m telling “comforter” and not feathers…. Do not let fooled by the coats that seem “heavy” full of feathers of “chicken”. The most beautiful downcoats are always very light to wear but extremely hot such as this one I’m wearing.

In particular, this collection that we are proposing in boutique is perfect for the woman who needs a “jolly” item as they are all reversible models and accessorised with edges of fur or beads. Easily folded into a small little bag in the shape of a cube, and great for traveling in comfort.

You will not easily separate from your “The Cube” downcoat, maybe you can suggest for your Christmas present.




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