Here are three people to follow on Instagram that will really provide you with some visual entertainment. Thank us later.

1. The Playboy: Dan Bilzerain

Dan Bilzerain’s life so obscene, he makes Hugh Hefner look uptight. The son of an exiled Wall Street raider, this former US Navy trainee found fame as a poker player, and now spends his life driving fast cars, posing with semi-nude women and toting guns. Your mum would love him.




2. The Businessman: Donald Trump

Ah, Donald, we love ya. Who else wears a toupee with such flair? The real estate mogul’s Insta pics showcase his two favourite poses – there’s the angry glare, to publicise the US Apprentice, or the manic grin, for when he’s stood next to Miss Universe or Britney. Inspiring.



3. The Adventurer: Foster Huntington 

Foster Huntington is living the life we all want to lead. After quitting his New York design job in 2011, Huntington packed it all in to live in a camper van. He’s driven more than 100,000 miles around America’s west, surfing, fly-fishing, camping, and taking amazing pictures along the way. Lucky git.



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