Impasto Art have just launched its free-of-charge streaming service that allows individuals all over the world to enjoy high-resolution images of works of art. These paintings, sketches and photographs have been made available by the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands and the J. Paul Getty Museum in the United States.

By using the Impasto Art smart phone app you can easily show art images in super quality on a TV screen. Depending on the size of the TV screen and original work, a painting or drawing can often be shown in the same size as the original. Together with the Full-HD and Ultra-HD resolutions of modern TV sets, this allows for an unprecedented viewing experience. Anybody can now enjoy a Van Gogh, Cézanne or Rembrandt in superb quality in the kitchen, living room or office.

Impasto’s service already provides easy access to 150.000 high-resolution images of works of art. In the next half year Impasto will add more art collections. The images are sourced directly from leading museums around the world, which have been digitizing their collections  using the latest technologies for capturing colour depth and image resolution (of up to 1200 pixels per inch of the original).

The Impasto Art smart phone application can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and works in combination with Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay to stream images to a TV screen.

About Impasto Art

Impasto’s mission is to share the finest collections of art with everybody on the planet. Impasto wants to help individuals access and enjoy art; to help them learn, tell stories, exchange ideas and feed their creativity. Through Impasto’s service well over 150.000 high-resolution images of masterpieces can be streamed to a high-definition (HD) TV screen anywhere in the world. Impasto is available for the iPhone and for the set-top-box of Liberty Global in the Netherlands (UPC/Ziggo). Impasto Art B.V. is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, go to

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