Fancy making some money? Thought you might. These crowdfunding projects are worthy enough to make both you and your bank manager feel good about yourselves.

1. PizzaLuxe

We’ve got one motto for this life: you can never have too much pizza. So we’re salivating as we hear that the former Director of Restaurants at Harrods, Paul Goodale, has plans to open a third PizzaLuxe store in Shoreditch this spring. He’ll be taking that secret sauce recipe to the grave, though, no matter how much you try and bribe him.


2. East End Pub Anthology

Us Londoners love to moan about gentrification as we tuck into a greasy burger in our favourite Shoreditch pop-up. City worker Richard Mills’s photo book taps into the ‘change is bad’ ideology with its nostalgic depiction of East London’s finest pubs. We’d invest before the pubs are forgotten about and transformed into your next buy-to-let investment.


4. Pinocchio Barrique Bottle

We’ve always wanted to make our own moonshine, so we’re intrigued by the Pinocchio Barrique Bottle. Pour any tipple with an alcohol content of more than 12% into the oak bottle, leave it for 10 days and hey presto, it’ll taste as though it’s been aged in an oak barrel for six months and give you a hangover you’ll never forget.


5. Open Source

If crowdfunding is successful, the good people of Dalston will be getting a new contemporary arts festival this spring. Twenty-one young artists will present films, live performances and installations, plus a collaboration with Frieze videos means you’ll be able to watch studio visits with artists, film essays and interviews. Make sure you wear your black polo top and your serious art gazing face for this one.


6. Knots & Socks

After opening a pop-up shop in Putney last year, design duo Philip Dudley-Williams and Philip Morrow are hoping to open their first store, Knots & Socks, selling ‘Made in England’ men’s accessories in the Square Mile’s Leadenhall Market. The shop will stock Reef Knots’ silk men’s ties and fancy socks by heritage brand, MORROWS. Socks: check. Tie: check. We’d suggest nipping to a shop nearby to complete your outfit and avoid terrfiying any innocent onlookers.


6. The Desolenator 

It’s a cruel paradox: the world is covered in water, but much of it is undrinkable due to contamination or high salt levels. How’s that to make you feel guilty as you sip your Volvic? The Desolenator has high hopes of delivering clean water to those that need it. Using solar energy, the machine transforms salt water into drinking water cheaply and sustainably. (H2)Zero excuses for not investing in this one.



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